Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Old Glory

Thankfulness-to live in the United States of America! To be spoiled and have luxuries at our fingertips. As I was leaving Utah I just felt this overwhelming sensation of how blessed I am. This past weekend I stayed in a warm cozy, comfy bed at a hotel, had a free breakfast, was able to rent a car so my family and I could drive around in comfort, was able to stop and eat anytime and almost anywhere we wanted, and to go to church and practice our beliefs all along the way. We never ran out of water, electric, gas, or food. We were safe and felt safe everywhere we went and didn't have to worry about risking our lives. Can you imagine? Can you see yourself or your family in a 3rd world country? That would be the biggest nightmare! So you see I am thankful to be an American! To have the choices that I do. To run and play with my children and Hubby and to see them laugh and grow along the way! We have so many convinces right at our fingertips. I am thankful to live in the United States and for the Men and Women that risk their lives to keep us safe-Thanks!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Family-isn't that what it is all about?! We are enjoy some of the family that used to be attached to us by our hip and now they are off and running without us! We surely miss them and at the same time miss the family we have back home. We came for Skinny's baptism and are loving it! Check out some of the pics that we took--just wait and I will post some funny ones next. But first I need to eat some lunch! Uperman, 10 kids in 1, and Blue Boy playing in the gym after Skinny's Baptism Hubby dumped me off the swing and fell off of it himself--serves him right! Skinny & Do-Dude hanging out Skinny Ba-link & Nana at Skinny's Baptism SIL, soon-to-be & me smiling for the pic!

We are in away right now hanging out with the Hubby's brother, Old BIL and my SIL plus the kiddos. We are having so much fun--right now it is raining--let me explain it seems to be this wet stuff that falls from the Heavens and cleans the air and makes everything shiny & new looking! That would only go over with the folks back home since it seems that it NEVER rains!

Friday, November 9, 2007


Thankful-that is what I am! I am thankful for friends! Not only my own but, my kiddos also! Now I would love to put all of you on this posting but, that just would not due because you guys Rock! But here is some sweet shots that I took of Uperman and his little buddy Mini-Me! How can you not deny the satisfaction that one gets when all you have to do is tickle them and then realize that this would be a great shot. So I told them not to move and grabbed my camera and all they did was have to act natural-So sweet to be by the side of a friend! Then, they jumped up and were running around like on some sugar high--which made me wonder since Mr Uof A was over with Hubby helping watch the kiddos and New BIL was here as well, taking notes on what to do when kids bless his life so me, Artsy Fartsy and Cutie Pie could attend our little meeting that was meant for girls only! I do have to confess that when I was coming up the walk, returning from our short but needed girls meeting I saw my oldest son run for the hallway. I walked through the door and asked my dear sweet Hubby if the boys (meaning Blue Boy and Do-Dude) were in bed and not playing guitar hero III. He smiled so sweetly that was totally distracting and said yes with a smile of pleasure knowing that I wouldn't be upset because he put them to bed in time---(In time for me not to see them running around the corner and act like they have been in bed for an hour). Yes--Moms do have eyes in the back of their heads and x-ray vision! I checked on the boys and they smiled that smile they do when they have been caught! Yes--I am one of those Mom's that have that special vision! Could you ever get enough of seeing joy in your kiddos faces when they are having a blast with their friends! I just love it! They look so yummy that you want to eat them up--every last bit! Friends--couldn't live without them! Hope all of you are doing wonderful today--my friends!

Journal's Are Important!

Okay, I always have such good intentions of keeping a journal and documenting everything that goes on in a house full of boys-4 that is, only one is over the age of 30. You catch my drift. We have such a wonderful time being together I just can't imagine life without it! I want to make sure my kids remember fond memories of the fun things that take place among us--not just having to clean their room, make their bed, empty all the garbage cans, doing their own laundry, cleaning their toilet-and so on. As I went to my enrichment meeting last night with my sis, Artsy Fartsy-(which she wants me to rename her some crazy name-who wouldn't like the name I gave her?! ) ( OH ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE TERRIBLE SENTENCES--SORRY FOR ALL OF THOSE THAT JUST GRINDED THEIR TEETH! -) The Sisters and I talked about blogging! I never thought of it as a journal. All the neat ideas of printing the posts off and booking them and keep that as your journal just blew my mind! I am telling ya that these ladies are so amazing!!! So I am challenging all of you bloggers out their to post something in their blogging journal about being thankful at least every day or every other day. I am jumping up and raising my hand with you gals so be expecting a little traffic because I am going to be checking on all of you--you know who you are! If you are experiencing any trouble go to the library on LDS.org and look up "Journals Are Important!" Friend, Jan 1987. There are 710 ideas to write about in your journal! How fun is that?! Come on I know you want to take the challenge! Go For It!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's that time again!

Our Annual Pumpkin Guts Fight!!!! The Sox's have added to our tradition. They came last year and were so game on that they HAD to come or it just wouldn't be the same! First we eat dinner, then cut the tops off the pumpkins and wait for everyone to get ready and then yell "GAME ON!" and guts fly everywhere. Mom of the Year (MOY) and I tried to get Hubby but, the two of us just couldn't take on a big guy like that! We all had a blast and were covered with pumpkin. The Hubby stuck a ball of guts the size of a bowling ball down my pants--YUCK! I had seed everywhere. So everyone was after Hubby to get him back and then everyone was doing it to their neighbor and before you knew it we all had guts down our pants, in our shirts, in our hair, ears, face, and anywhere else you could think of! But, we do it every year and it is the talk of October--So GAME ON everyone!
Hubby & MOY posing for the camera! J-Bird getting ready for the big take down! MOY & H3 posing for a quick pic Blue Boy & J Bird & Uperman after the scores have been settled. Our final outcome! Part of the gang getting ready--Hubby is armed-he just doesn't think the rules apply to him. Do-Dude & Ki preparing for the rain of pumpkin Blue Boy takes after his father--He is armed and let me tell ya the kid is dangerous! Uperman and Little Man trying to protect themselves from their families-or maybe they were just waiting to make their move--NO I think they were trying to protect themselves! I just got Hubby back with a handful of pumpkin and he didn't think it was to funny-to me it was a riot! What do you think?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Teacher Gifts

This Mummy pot is for Do-Dudes teacher. She is a breath of fresh air! She always positive, smiling, caring and truly tending with love and compassion to her class-not only that but she is a Mom of 3 at our little Nazi school (well that is what everyone else calls it until their kiddos start going there and then they say, "Why didn't you talk some sense into me and make me see the light--I SO WISH (with great enthusiasm and sorrow) I would of done this SOONER!) Don't worry, it is okay if you think my school and my kiddos is a Nazi school-I will still love ya!

This is everything that I need for my little mummy pot above. The pot is Tara cota-it is just one that I had painted for a spring luncheon for church. I am all about things having more than one purpose--usually! So this is what is needed, a tara cota pot, ribbon of your choice, paint (I used lime green and white) Lime is for the pot and the white is for the dot in the eyes, Hot glue & gun, Cellophane, Muslim, scissors, and a sponge brush. OH-I put blush on him to make him a blushing Mummy. It is this easy folks-just glue and lay, glue & lay

This is for Blue Boys Teacher. He is in the big K this year at the Nazi school. Let me tell you Blue Boy's teacher is another one who just rocks! He is (yes I said He) AWESOME! Love my kiddos teachers! I didn't know if he would really like the mummy pot so instead I got a small pumpkin and put vinyl lettering on it and added school ribbon & red ribbon around the stem and tied a little measuring tape and tag that says "Richard C Edgley stated the. . . TRUE MEASURE OF A MAN. . . (backside)" You can describe a man in inches, pounds, complexion, or physique. But the true measure of a man is by character, compassion, integrity, tenderness, and principle. Simply stated, the measures of a man are embedded in his heart and soul!" We hour and thank you for your TRUE MEASURE: YOUR CHARACTER, COMPASSION, INTEGRITY, TENDERNESS, AND PRINCIPLE! --I stole this from a Father's Day gift that RS had given the men at church and since Mr Batman is a new member I thought this would totally fit better than a Mummy.

I just copied it.

Just thought I would share! I am just in a blogging mood! Have an awesome day!

It is Craft Night!

These are kinda out of order-sorry! The Running Queen getting started.

One of the two the other one just hot glue popcorn-air popped type-on a straw wreath (leave plastic on) Add your leaves and ribbon and whatever else fills your hearts desire
Okay for all those that didn't make to my casa last night you missed out on some cute wreath action going on! The Running Queen and I made these for our girls that we visit teach for November! They turned out so cute and we had a great time! Hope all of you that we missed last night are feeling better and that your loved ones are feeling better! Anyone who would like to gather to do this again let me know! You won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Digi scrappin' YEAH!

Well-look how sweet my cousin's little girls feet are- I learned all this from Jessica!

My second set of classes of Jessica Sprague! I am totally loving this! She is amazing! Look at what I did in her Now We Are Rockin' class!

Monday, October 22, 2007

I want my MUMMY

I made this little treat for one of the sweet ladies that are on my list to visit each month. Our families go way back and she was my mother-in-laws spy when it came to church. She would let it be known if the boys snuck out or not. So I made this for her for her birthday. That sounded kinda weird-sorry. This is so simple. It is a mummy pot. I took a small tara cota pot and hot glued ripped muslin onto it. Before I finished I made a nose out of extra muslin and put it under the top pieces so it looked like a nose. Then, I took lime green paint and sponge it all over and took wood footballs and painted them black and then put a little white dot on it so it looked like eyes. I filled the pot with some good candy. Then I put cellophane over it and tied it with a couple different types ribbon. At here ya go, a cute little mummy!

Blue Boy is a year older!

I now have a six year old! Every year for my kids birthday it is a tradition that they wake up with balloons over their bed and on their ceiling. This is what was left by the time I got in there with my camera. They always love it! Just one neat way of starting their day off special! I love ya Blue Boy! Love your Momma

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I have been tagged! My Madre tagged me so here are some things that you get to learn about me, even if you really didn't want to! SORRY . . . blame it on my Madre ( since taking Spanish in high school, I often call that gingerbreadaholic woman Madre!) Buckle your safety belts, it's a bumpy ride! Some names that I have gone by--that are speakable! -Jones -Skinny Ba link and the Grave Yard Dancers (Do you really want to know?) -Bran flakes (There are only a few out there that have earned the right to call me this-- YES, New BIL you are one of them. You drank the left over juices of canned Italian chicken with all the yuck floating around in it. So to those of you who want to be one of the few on the list, believe me when I say you should probably just forget it--enough said!) Things that I am wearing right now: OH this is SO BAD! I did have to respond truthfully to this, again Sorry! Flannel yellow pj's with star's all over them, a light green tee & to top the outfit off Red ankle socks! I know these really make Hubby's mind race! Two of my favorite things to do: 1-Spend time with my family!!! 2-Cook!!! (Not so much with the clean up though!) Things I want very badly: 1. More time with my family 2. A clean house (Is this okay to put here?) OR A farm with lots of land and open spaces for a huge garden, and our cows, and kids & hubby & myself of course! Two of my favorite pets ever: 1-Butchie (My beloved Queensland that knew what I needed and wanted before I could think it up in my own head! Love ya old guy! I hope to play B-Ball with you again some day!) 2-My horse named Ellie (She rocked!) My People that I am tagging: 1-Miss Tori 2-Miss Jacey---Yes both of you girls! Hurry up get on it! Two things that I did last night Went bowling with my family and Putt & New BIL Watched Transformers with my family Two things that I have ate today: My Madre's tacos My Hubby's Pancakes People I have talked to today: Hubby Madre Papa Putt New Bil Kiddos Red Ranger Sunshine--just a few of the of the many--my ward family rocks too! 2 things I need to do tomorrow: Fold laundry Visit teach 2 Longest car rides: 1-This one I think will never, NEVER, be replaced with anything else--On the way up to pine top-show low area to a friends cabin with my family,little bro who had the worst case of gas that anyone has ever concocted in the toxic lab! It was so, so bad that my Dad made my bro stick his bum out the window of the truck every time my brother felt even the littlest urge to stink it up! Now my Dad is the safety guru and would of been so against this if it wasn't as bad as it was!Yuck! Yuck! YUCK!!!!!!!! 2. The ride from Arizona to Montana - I had TB (tired bottom) about 3/4 of this trip-stinks! Two favorite holidays: Christmas Easter Two favorite vacations: Sheep's Crossing Mail boat rides 2 vacation dreams Italy Sheep's crossing 2 favorite beverages water with lemon (I know that this means my creative juices are extreme) Strawberry Cream Pie Shake from Sonic-to die for

Friday, October 12, 2007


I was babysitting my dear friend, Wonder woman, kiddos today and realized how big Uperman has gotten. Wonder Woman's youngest just turned a year and is one of the cutest little happy go-lucky guys ever! Her three youngest hung out with Uperman and me and we had the greatest time! We ate granola bars, watched a movie, learned all about Little Britches being a cowboy even though he doesn't have his cowboy hat on, we played bikes, laughed at the dog on the trampoline, we even broke out with MEGA chalk and colored awesome pics on the side walk and for the heck of it we even chalked up our noses! I could just eat up little kids! They are the most yummiest things that rule our lives!

Monday, October 1, 2007


Here are some fun pics I know this is kinda an old pic but, I have tons of cute pics of Do-Dudes but, I left my camera at my Mom's!

Uperman contemplating life!
This is what happens when you step out of the car and the carpool gang gets ahold of your camera--cute boys, very cute, I am going to save this picture and the others and show them off to your girlfriends WHEN you are in high school-no girls until then-got it!!!!
Salsa smelling the flowers at the Salt Lake Temple in Utah
Hubby and BIN with the boys
Uperman and Hubby--Uperman is pouting about something Here are some pics that I had fun with! Blue Boy staring his man down--tough guy
Uperman hiding in what was once a towel

Thursday, September 27, 2007


My lil' Puttster sis is getting married! Look how cute she is all lovey dovey with my soon to be BIN. Don't ask what he is doing to his lip--I think he is resisting the urge to lay a big wet kiss but, is trying so hard to control himself so bitting the lip helps--or at least thats what I have to do with Hubby!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Time Out for me and the real reason I went (I just didn't know it)

Just warning you this gets a little deep-- Time out for me! I finally made it to Time Out for Women. It was so great, I needed to hear all of the wonderful things that were said to me. All thanks again to Tori! You go girl! She had a ticket reserved with my name on it! Love her! Kisses girlfriend! What a blast it was to get to spend that time with my lil' Sis the Puttster! And, And let me not forget all the girls that were there-the Sheriff, Kari--two thumbs up what did you think? and Adriene, Sage, and the gang! (yes I know I would shame all my English teacher right now if they knew I just did this to a sentence--Sorry!) They were awesome! I also saw so many of the La Loma's out there representing us! But, to be on a more serious side, my Father in Heaven knew that I needed to be there even if things were a bit crazy. My Best Friend since we were little girls in sixth grade called me tonight to ask me if I would tell the Coach that her little man wouldn't be at football tonight. I have known just recently (Monday night) that Jambers Dad, which is part of my family, was very sick and in the ER. Tonight she called and said that he wasn't out of surgery yet and they are sure that he has cancer. It is on his colon, liver- both sides, in his stomach, and in his glands. How could this be? I ask. And I know that there is a reason, but, it is not my time to find out. I am reading this little book called When Prayers Go Unanswered. In it I have found a beginning to my comfort for me. It talks about when Jesus feeds the multitude and after speaking to them, dismisses them. He dismisses His Apostles and they row out into the sea and a storm hits. They are rowing with all their might and fight the winds and soon are exhausted from this fight. Little did they know He was watching them and just when they thought they could go no further and put forth their best effort to fight to keep control, "About the fourth watch of the night He cometh unto them, walking upon the sea, . . .[and] they . . . saw Him, and were troubled. And immediately He talked with them, and saith unto them, Be of good cheer:it is I : be not afraid. And He went up unto them into the ship; and the wind ceased" (Mark 6:48-51; emphasis added) The author, S. Michael Wilcox, states that he is sure that the Apostles would probably preferred Him to come in the first watch not the fourth. We are for the most of us First-watch people and the Lord is a Fourth watch. We can't begin to grow if we are not allowed to stretch to our limits and once He knows that there is no way we can do more He comes to our aid. I know that this is getting a little deep, but, this is the test? We are all being tested right now. What is my role in this? How do I comfort my dear friend that has been there for me and has held my hand through crazy times in my life, but, this my friends is so much more and my little problems in the past are like specs of sand. This is a moment that is going to be a fourth hour watch for all of us. I am going to have to stretch along with my family and Jambers family. My family has always been close to them. My Dad and Charlie are good friends. And we are all hurting Her father is very sick. So my heart is very heavy at the moment! Keep her and her father and family in your prayers for me- his name is Charlie. I love him. Thanks- A New Testament day was divided into twelve hours, beginning at 6 in the morning. The third hour would be 9, the sixth hour would be noon, and the eleventh hour. Though we visualized it as being just before midnight, actually was 5 in the evening. The night was divided into 4 watches:first was from 6pm unto 9, second was 9pm to 12am, third watch from 12am until 3 am and the fourth watch from 3 am until 6 am, about sunrise.--When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered by S Michael Wilcox

Book Report, Book Reports somebody HELP me!

Okay, sorry gals that I said I would update you on our where abouts and left you all hanging! Let's see what I have missed in what 3 weeks--YIKES!! We just finished our mega book report for Do-dude! I can now sleep at night! Three pages-it was a whopper! I know Tori knows what pain I felt, as she felt hers last week! Now onto the next book report due on the 10th of October! Keep me in line here girls! I may forget. 625 that is the magic number here-625! That is how many pages need to be read by 10/10. All he has to do is write a short summary of each book that he read and when she gives him an oral quiz on it he can read right off what notes he wrote about the book. Thank goodness Blue Boy doesn't have book reports yet! OH- let me tell you that we have been working on this book report, which is also known from this day on as the Mega Beast, for the last week! Yes, one week! Do-dude just doesn't like to turn on the thinker and communicate with his hand that writes at the same time. It pretty much boils down to a Mega Headache and I think I do have a couple of patches of hair missing--unfortunately none of the grey hairs were touched---BUMMER! So today Do-dude volunteers this nice imformation to his teacher quite willingly I might add that he was up until 10 pm working his little book report. WHAT, you don't tell the teacher that! Now I am feeling quite the slacker and she made a point to talk to me about Do-dude not being the only one. I think at first she thought we just started it the other day. I did have to explain that Mega Beast was getting attention every night and during the day! Mega Beast was robbing me of precious sleep! I have to call one of my girls that knows the pain I was feeling and tell her of all the troubles this Mega Beast was causing me and how it seemed to chase me! Okay maybe it didn't actually chase me, but, it might as well have! Come on--all you know what I am talking about! Please respond and let me know that I am not the slacker mother that I felt last night at 9:55. Could ya please!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We Are Here

Hey gang! We are in Utah still! We are suppose to be heading to Idaho today. We have done quite a bit since we left home and can't wait to share pictures of our trip! Can I just say that I miss our two oldest kiddos! They stayed with Nanie & Boppa at home. Our little man had a blast with his cousins these past two days and now that they headed back to their new home he is missing his brothers. I can agree with him I miss our buddies also--Miss you Do-dude & Blue Boy!! Hugs & Kisses from your Momma & Dad! I will keep you informed on our trip and fill you in during our next stop! C-ya soon!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Not only crazy, but a bit sad at the same time!

My sis-in-law and the kiddos are no gone! Gone, I say, Gone. Their off to their new home in Utah! My little nephew said he didn't want to go home (Back at their old place). He is in heaven with all his little friends he made. Bless his little heart! My niece, just got back from the doctor. Poor, poor pityful her she has pink eye! What a way to start off a new place! Love that little chick! So far my SIL & BIN are having a great time and loving it! Even living in the box haven! We sure miss them though!

I'm a CRAZY Addict

Okay--I have a HUGE problem and it is affecting me pretty much constantly! I started this online self paced (notice the word self paced) photo shop elements digi scrap class with Jessica Sprague. Now I do have to pick kiddos up from school and we do have football, and feed them, make sure homework is done, and I should be doing house work but, every time I have a free second I am on my computer working on assignments and goofing around! It is sooo bad that my do-dudes whine when it will be their turn to use the computer! Pretty bad, huh?! WELL-let's just pass the blame right down to the source of my addiction! My partners in crime, part of the dark side team, Kari and Tori! Thanks all to them! BUT check out some of the cool stuff I have done! I really do love those two that pulled me from the light to the dark! Hee Hee--love you guys (and don't tell anyone but, I am thankful for all of it, even if I have a sink full of dishes & piles of laundry, dirty floors, unmade beds, etc., etc., I still am thankful!)