Monday, September 15, 2008

Okay gang! I think that I might have sometime to try to be good at this blogging thing now, well, give me a couple of weeks! You guys so inspire me to be a better blogger. The fact is we have not had a totally permanent home since beginning of March! YIKES! So yes, we have moved again! Believe it! I am still trying and happy as all can be. Bless my dear parents for being wonderful enough to take our homeless family in. Now for those of you who don't know--which I think all 2 of you do that read this poor little blog with a totally messed up blogger. Our house is rented out until March of 2010! This was suppose to be awesome!! We moved up north for a job change and were suppose to move to Oklahoma a few weeks after that. Well, lets just say things didn't go as planned--Obviously--because here we are! So after a month (this would be April) we were back. All of you who thought that that the Hoof Trimmer and his wife would be gone had to cancel the party because we were back faster than I don't know what. So back to my sweet parents that took us in. They just got rid of my baby sis in November. She and Teeb were married. My parents thought they had the house to themselves. They were just starting to think of their bucket list and how much fun they would have. And WHAM the five of us move in with them. Now don't forget that we educate of children in the home so there was always at least 4 of us around. Those poor people have earned their spot in heaven for that! So Thursday before Labor day Hubby's mom calls and tells me that we can move into SIS & BIL's house on Monday-Labor day. Okay there were renters and she wasn't sure that they would be out but, we were all crossing our fingers. You know that feeling that if you tell someone that you need help moving in on a holiday that it doesn't happen but, if you don't tell anyone it always does. Well, I didn't tell anyone that we are for sure moving so guess what! The house was ours! Cute house! So it is kinda weird living here since I can see where my Mom-in-Law had her stuff and Hubby's bro and family had their stuff and now our stuff is in it. Kinda crazy! Especially since we have SIL & BIL's dog and I see her laying in her spots around the house that she used to lay in when I used to visit. Kinda a trip. So with all this in mind we are here for a little while now until our house is open. YEAH!!! And I will have to say we are settling well and the boys are doing awesome with school. Even though their home teacher is a little nutty and anal! So with all that said I hope to re-re-enter the blogging world and not make a wrong turn again and fall off the blogging map!