Saturday, August 25, 2007

Not only crazy, but a bit sad at the same time!

My sis-in-law and the kiddos are no gone! Gone, I say, Gone. Their off to their new home in Utah! My little nephew said he didn't want to go home (Back at their old place). He is in heaven with all his little friends he made. Bless his little heart! My niece, just got back from the doctor. Poor, poor pityful her she has pink eye! What a way to start off a new place! Love that little chick! So far my SIL & BIN are having a great time and loving it! Even living in the box haven! We sure miss them though!

I'm a CRAZY Addict

Okay--I have a HUGE problem and it is affecting me pretty much constantly! I started this online self paced (notice the word self paced) photo shop elements digi scrap class with Jessica Sprague. Now I do have to pick kiddos up from school and we do have football, and feed them, make sure homework is done, and I should be doing house work but, every time I have a free second I am on my computer working on assignments and goofing around! It is sooo bad that my do-dudes whine when it will be their turn to use the computer! Pretty bad, huh?! WELL-let's just pass the blame right down to the source of my addiction! My partners in crime, part of the dark side team, Kari and Tori! Thanks all to them! BUT check out some of the cool stuff I have done! I really do love those two that pulled me from the light to the dark! Hee Hee--love you guys (and don't tell anyone but, I am thankful for all of it, even if I have a sink full of dishes & piles of laundry, dirty floors, unmade beds, etc., etc., I still am thankful!)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Trying Again!

Well, Sorry I have not posted in a while. I will get to it sometime today! Promise! We have football conditioning a week longer than I thought! Hope that all is well with everyone and this blog finds you in good health & spirits!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Craziness Is What I Seem to Crave!

My oldest boys go to school in town. Do-due gets out at 4 pm, I am the 4 o'clock pick-up for carpool, which I totally love. The 4 o'clockers are awesome kiddos! We rush everyone home and then borrow my dear friends house as a dressing room. In the process Blue Boy empties half the playground on her clean floor! We, I guess I should say I forgot Do-dudes football girdle for his pads! So we book it home and find it, add the pads, change and hustle out the door. Book it West for a 25 minute drive and barely, I mean barely make it to 6 o'clock practice! Whew! No extra sprints today. Not that Do-dude has had to do that on his mother's account. Because I rock!! Oh yeah, Hub is working late again! Yuck! Okay, I did mention that my boys were playing Pop-Warner! They are super excited! I am a little less excited than they are. Do-dude is starting to get the hang of tackle so it seems that he is more excited each day to go. My Blue Boy started flag yesterday. Yesterday was more like finding your team, getting to know the coach and exercise a little. Now mind you this is flag football, My Blue Boy took out the coach's son with a hard take down today in practice. I didn't see what exactly happened but as soon as the little guy cried I said to my dear friend of many, many years I can guess that Blue Boy had something to do with that. . . she laughed and said YUP! I told my Hub and all he said was YES!!!!!!!!! Okay you ego junky, our kid just hurt the coach's kid. . .did you hear me?! Hub said okay so he didn't respond correctly, but he knows that coach will want him on his team when tackle comes. Yesterday Blue Boy thought it was a free for all and was taking kids down left and right. Granted they were all excited running around in those "new cleats that make them super fast and really strong "(that was a direct quote from Blue Boy). So once practice was over I explained that this is flag. "I know" was all that came out of his pouty mouth. He was very sad. While Do-dude practices at one corner of the field Blue Boy is at the opposite corner across the two baseball diamonds and across another parking lot. So all in all I never, NEVER get to use the chair that I brought, and in two hours I see a total of about 35 mins because I am walking back and forth trying to divide me in two while towing a tot around who walks at the pace of a turtle, but, with a water spray bottle in his hand walks more like a snail and doesn't want to be carried. The ants need water too! AAAHHHHHHHH!! We get home at 9 pm and Hub made dinner, which I was grateful for--He ordered a pizza! Thanks for helping me stay on my little mini marathon diet Babe! After showers and PJ's it was off to do homework! 30 minutes of reading--not bad--if I had 30 minutes! Now does this make anyones day seem a tad better I hope because my tootsies are tired and my back is killing me! But, I love this life!!! I hope Hub isn't working late tomorrow! I think I need a time out! I was thinking an hour massage would be nice!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dealing with Football & Aligators in the night!

Do-dudes is going for the hit--well we are gearing up anyway! Who said this was easy? I find myself leaning to the right as he hits the pads. Go Do-dude Mom is pushing forward with you. Uh Mom, I can't get this thing off my noggin! HELP! My Blue Boy created this little setup here for him and his new friend. I think that they were to busy making the rules though because they really never got to follow through with all of it! Here they are making the rules and the teams! It was just the two of them. 'uperman was just watching this interesting process! 'uperman is making sure that the grass was okay and letting me know that it needed thining in a spot and was insistant that I took a picture of it! Football has started this week but, this was our first practice with a helmet. Do-dudes head needed a Medium helmet that had to be ordered. Sorry, Kiddo you inherited your Boppa's noggin! They worked on tackling. Do-dude was kinda intimidated to just hurt the pad like it was another kid, but, I know with time that if he just imagined it was his brother messing up his Lego ship that he just built, he probably would have no problem. This does happen on occasions and it is not the funnest thing to handle. But, we live and love here, don't we boys. My Do-dude is growing up so fast!! My baby 'uperman 'ukerfish (superman sucker fish) wanted his Alligator on the way home from practice. I couldn't quite figure out this child and what in the world was an alligator to a 2 year old? All he kept saying is, "my alligator mommy, MY ALLIGATOR!" I am trying to drive down the highway and I have a kid screaming in his most big boy voice, trying to make clear what he wanted--it is just an Alligator for goodness sakes! Okay since I couldn't figure this out for the life of me I summoned the other two in the back, "What on this green earth is 'uperman talkin' about?" "I dunno!" was all the help I got from the back seat! Thanks guys! Racking my brain on what 'uperman 'ukerfish in the back seat wanted and it finally hit me what the child was talking about. He wanted his Gatorade! When I asked him if that was it ,he said, " yes, I want my alligator". Wow, that was confusing enough especially since I felt like I was in manual drive from being up so early this morning--thanks again Tori-I do love ya though! And just for the record in my house Gatorade is really called Alligator to my 'uperman 'ukerfish. (My superman sucker fish is what he calls himself just in case any of you are confused!) The football in the dirt is something that My Blue Boy came up with to keep him busy with his new little friend and 'uperman. They are also the cheering squad and 'uperman is grass control, making sure that it was okay and is thined correctly. Enjoy and watch out for the Alligators!

BIN. . .The pain in the ?

Muscles . . . all because we drink our milk!! This is for my BIN (Brother-In-Law) who is going to be leaving us tomorrow. We will sure miss BIN, the kiddos have a blast with him and I am going to miss someone pestering the snot out of me every time he sees me! All in good fun though. He is off to see the wizard to get his law degree at U of U. And unfortunately he is taking his sweet wife my Sis In Law (SIL) and his two cutie pies with him! Why can't you just leave them here with the dog? We will make sure their taken care of---Promise! Anyway, here are some goofy pics of the hub, BIN and our do-dudes together having fun in our dirty pool. Don't let me tell you about all the dirt the storm blew into our pool! I think it took us a week to get it all out or at least most of it. I know it looks gross but, it is dark in this photo so it isn't as bad as it looks! Here my do-dude is attacking BIN while Bin is ignoring him and trying to talk to hub. Did you all follow that? Anyways the big pain in the neck will be missed! I hate to say it. . . BIN. . . I will miss you. . .Love ya buddy! PS. Please think about leaving your cute family with the dog! (The dog is staying with us. We have inherited her for 3 years. She is cute and a Queens, blue that is and we have a red one.

Okay Tori, you are in so much trouble. I woke up at 1:30 this morning and did a load of laundry--the hub needed those undies, so since I was just wanting to play around and had some me time I went to Tori's blog and looked up this web site The Pioneer Woman. Geez, I read it for 2 hours and then went to bed--not because I wanted to but, I know that my work (which is it ever done?-NO) would start just as little growing feet ran down the hall. I am hooked on this blog! So much to read, awesome pics, and my favorite for those of you who don't know is cooking--lots of really yummy recipes on there which I am going to try! So anyone need cinnamon rolls because this recipe make 7, yes 7 pans! Now I am trying to get into shape for the P.F. Chang Half Maration, so just so Mister LC knows I will not eat a pan by myself before the marathon! Maybe just half--okay, maybe I should make these after January then!

Yesterday was such a blast! My dear friend Tori and her gang came over and swam, swam, and swam with us! We had such a blast that we didn't want to stop and go to football practice (pop warner)! They are coming again today and I will post pics when I get them back-underwater cameras are such fun! We missed Leissa and her gang but, maybe today we will see them. These two amazing ladies are such fun and also my carpool buddies! Couldn't do it without them----I guess I could but what fun would that be?! Thanks guys! But don't let me forget that my cute little header for my blog, yeah I know you saw it, it was all Miss Tori's doing! Don't you just love it!! Thanks Miss Tori!

Monday, August 6, 2007

My Guys

Okay here is the gang! This talks measures about my boys! They are all wearing their own personalities right now-my oldest, is such a go with the flow. Middle-doing his own thing. Youngest-wanting his own independance! My hubby--the big kid.
My two youngest riding a camel named Luke. The youngest was afraid at first but, loved it in the end. My middle didn't want to get off. He is my dare devil and loves life and every moment trying to out do what he last did, saw, or thought about doing. He likes to see what his Mothers reaction is I guess!
At the Phoenix Zoo they had a display of rays that you could feed and touch. It was pretty cool! The kiddos loved it, although it was kinda intimidating to have them swoop over your hand and suck up their dinner! We could of spent hours in here hanging out with the rays!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

First Steps

Okay! I have followed in my Mom's footsteps, as well as, many dear friends and decided to start a blog! I thought this is so much fun to read all of yours that I would like to let you in on some of the craziness that happens in our home! With 3 growing boys there is ALOT of craziness around--oops I guess I'm not counting my biggest boy my husband. So 4 boys! I was reading all of my friends blogs today and felt like I got to chat with everyone about their lives and families and felt a connection. I hope that you will feel that same feeling as time goes on and I get the hang of this blogging thing! I know I have 2 experts on my side, my Mom and my dear friend Tori! Every year it is a tradition to get together at my Grandma Michael's house with all the family and meet the Easter Bunny and find all the wonderful, loads of eggs that are hidden all over the front yard! When I say load of plastic eggs I am not kidding! This is a picture of me and the boys with the Easter Bunny! My youngest of my boys, does NOT like the nice Easter Bunny!!! He cried and shook with terror. You could tell by his face that he still wasn't happy to be next to that mean ol' rabbit! (We finally talked him into the picture). My hubby was out mingling with the family!