Tuesday, August 12, 2008

River Rafting in Utah

We are back! Our little family had a family reunion! We miss Jammy so much. This is what we have nick named our other half. BIL decided to go to Law School and so they were off to the great state of Utah. We have been missing them since we used to see each other every day and work with them every day on the dairy farm that all of were part of. Nana is so awesome and decided to make our little reunion just that more special and throw in a river rafting ride down the canyon to suprise all of us. Check her out all is calm on the water.
Now after our first couple of water attacks on the others, one finally stood up to us and look at our poor Nana and SIL. We had so much fun with our capton of the "Black Pearl" Spencer, who kept telling us that this was his first time down the river. When Spencer asked for the men's names Hubby gave his as Stewart and Bil gave his as Juan. Yeah, He was the Hunk on the water I will just be honest with yeah right now. We had tons of fun, not only seeing the beauty of the canyon but, dodging fly fisherman, and soaking everyone that came in our path. We did launch last and were the first to hit the destination. We actually got out in quite a hurry since we knew we didn't make many friends on this trip--We were the tyrants that ruled the river. We were afraid of the mob that may follow since one lady was crying and we also made a little guy cry--not on purpose. The water was cold and I think that was the reason for tears! Thank you Nana for that little treat!