Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What a WEIRD day!!

Maybe this day is weird to me because I am now an odd number. One above 30. But, it started out great! My Mom called me and sang happy birthday. My boys jumped out of bed with a little complaining until I said, " It's my birthday and I want to lay down for a few more minutes but, I need you little men to get ready--totally ready without fighting." They smiled their little grins and said, " Sure Mom! If we get totally ready and hair done, teeth brushed, and belts on with our shoes by the door can we play Transformers on the PlayStation?" I was desperate for a few more winks- Just before I said yes, I thought of piano practice or spelling words that could be worked on. Math timings that need to be done-YIKES--," Sure kiddos if you are quite and don't fight!" 15 minutes later they were totally ready-showered the night before so that was out of the way and dressed head to toe! Ready! Why can't they do this every morning? So I walked out to the dining room 30 minutes later and saw these happy Pink Gerber daisies and roses smiling at me. I love pink because I don't see enough of it in our house of Men! Thank You Tori for thinking of me and putting thought into my beautiful cheerful pink flowers! I love them! They even said Good morning to me! I heard them. Next, after such a wonderful sight the door bell rings and the kiddos run to get their shoes on and I open the door still looking like something scary with black eyes and hair that looked like I found a rats nest and adorned it on my head. With bad breath and all I opened the door and Wonder Woman was there singing Happy Birthday and gave me a gift certificate to the Red Door Spa and the Wigwam. Yummy! Love it! I hugged her, poor girl and apologized for just killing her with my morningness. She laughed and chatted with me a few moments and said have an awesome day! Okay Love those two! Thank you Tori and Wonder Woman! Okay the night before I got an UTI--stink I know tell me about it! Made an appointment today and went in to see the doc. He got me my labs from last time I went in. Everything is great I am in great shape but, by the way your liver count is high. What??? And you need to stop by and give me another lab before you leave. What??? Does this man know that I HATE needles? Happy Birthday to me. So I get to have a sonogram of my liver done. No, no girls I know that you are all jumping at the chance to take my place. So I dropped off my meds and went to get the kiddos. On the way home from school the meds still weren't done. BUMMER! I dropped off kids and went home because I had to pee something crazy which hurray! I did with little pain! YES! So I got to talk to my Mom & Dad on the way home and they wished me a happy bday. I got to talk with SIL, Wonder Woman, and Nana. So there are some ups. The day was looking up now. I got home and 2 minutes after using the pot my Uperman came crying out of the boys room holding his head. Hubby is on his way home from out of town. So it is up to me to tend to Uperman. He had blood all over the back of his head. So I held the wound and applied pressure (remembering my first aid) and Do-Dude got me a wet cloth. Man, I forgot how the head bleeds. Do-Dude was a little freaked out when he came back because I had blood on my face, down my hand and arm, and down Upermans head. So Mom went to work and finally got it to stop. It is just a small cut where Blue Boys football trophy feel off the edge of his dresser and onto Upermans head. OUCH! So far it has been a weird day! Looking up but, definitely not a normal day. It ended with my family around and Nana and My Mom & Dad, two cakes, lots of candles, and everyone having a good time! I totally loved it! You know when you were little and would sit on someones leg and they would walk with you on their foot-I even got to have a ride on my Dad's foot with my kids on the other! Man, I forgot or maybe I just don't remember it being so uncomfortable! Maybe my rear end is a little bigger since the last time I did that.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Christmas tree cutting and the Newlyweds!

A few more pics of the snow and Christmas tree cutting. But look what I did for my Sis for Xmas. I took this picture of them. This is usually how they are. . . geez. . . newlyweds! But I did this. . . I love it! I printed it out for her and put it on this cool frame that I got her. I drew her name for Xmas-She is SOOOO Lucky! (Just kidding!) Anyways I did it all on photoshop thanks to Jessica Sprague! They loved it! I don't know if new BIL even knows how to use that thing, I mean sword, no saw! They are standing in front of their tree. Once they got it home they said it looked gangster-ish. Is that even a word. But, New BIL made sure that it had water every 5 hours or so! And was a little over the top when my Sis put 2 strands of little lights on it! Upermans only complaint was that his legs were tired but, he loved the snow and loved the way it tasted! Tough guy just like Superman! Don't look at the dirt BUT this is how Hubby felt once the tree was in the stand with water! He was done! Just like a big turkey! Next post I will move on from these snow pics!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Finally Back!

Okay see I have been out of it so long that I posted this backwards---so scroll down and read then go up to see the pics! Or whatever makes sense to ya. Hanging out with Santa at our Church Building-Do-Dude and Blue boy wanted an air soft gun and Uperman wanted to be away from Santa! He did swipe a candy cane first though. We went to Springerville and cut down our Christmas tree with Nee Nee and New BIL. Yeah! Blue Boy wasn't wearing a Blue Jacket, but, guess what color his sweat shirt was? He was creating a snow angel and loving it until about 10 minutes later he was balling his eyes out because he was freezing. Hubby and I taking a pic in the snow storm after we found the perfect tree. I didn't look the best but, what do ya expect? After it was decorated it was Beautiful! No that snowball didn't get Hubby-Darn it! Here is the gang, my fam! We decided that we will keep each other and not send anyone off with Santa to work in his toy shop-(We did have some volunteers). Behind us - the perfect tree- so we cut it and took it with us! No laughing either, it was the perfect tree, I am serious!

Well lets just say that I fell off the side of the blogging world and was floating into reality. Or maybe I was trying to face reality or maybe . . . Wow, what matters now is that I am back for the time being and will try to fill you in on all the fun, cool and wicked (taken from The Incredibles when the little kid on the tricycle) fun that we have been up to! We definitely will not be talking about the pounds that I found and the race I didn't run, but I am sure somewhere I will fill you in on those little secrets in time to come. What's new! Well, I just found out for sure that this summer after school lets out I will be close to being the Pioneer Woman's neighbor. Yup! We will be somewhere over in her neck of the woods. We will be in Oklahoma! I am very mixed about this. YES cool new adventure to take with the family but, I will be missing home, my family, mi mam ma and papa! I am doing a book about all our favorites so that we will think of the fun that we had the last 30 years (For Hubby is is 31-Ha Ha). It is only 30 for me up until January 29th-then sadness sets in as I will be eating my words for laughing at Hubby saying that he is older and I am younger and so on and so forth because I will be running right next to him in that 31ish race. But we will not be alone. My brother, Reeves Twin, and his cute family will be right there with us or maybe we will be right there with them. Anyhow we will be together and also my Aunt and Uncle and their tribe will be there as well. See lots of fun-lots of sadness-but, I think it will be good and just think when I come back home for holidays I can pester all of ya'. Okay ready for some pics? Here they are!