Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's that time again!

Our Annual Pumpkin Guts Fight!!!! The Sox's have added to our tradition. They came last year and were so game on that they HAD to come or it just wouldn't be the same! First we eat dinner, then cut the tops off the pumpkins and wait for everyone to get ready and then yell "GAME ON!" and guts fly everywhere. Mom of the Year (MOY) and I tried to get Hubby but, the two of us just couldn't take on a big guy like that! We all had a blast and were covered with pumpkin. The Hubby stuck a ball of guts the size of a bowling ball down my pants--YUCK! I had seed everywhere. So everyone was after Hubby to get him back and then everyone was doing it to their neighbor and before you knew it we all had guts down our pants, in our shirts, in our hair, ears, face, and anywhere else you could think of! But, we do it every year and it is the talk of October--So GAME ON everyone!
Hubby & MOY posing for the camera! J-Bird getting ready for the big take down! MOY & H3 posing for a quick pic Blue Boy & J Bird & Uperman after the scores have been settled. Our final outcome! Part of the gang getting ready--Hubby is armed-he just doesn't think the rules apply to him. Do-Dude & Ki preparing for the rain of pumpkin Blue Boy takes after his father--He is armed and let me tell ya the kid is dangerous! Uperman and Little Man trying to protect themselves from their families-or maybe they were just waiting to make their move--NO I think they were trying to protect themselves! I just got Hubby back with a handful of pumpkin and he didn't think it was to funny-to me it was a riot! What do you think?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Teacher Gifts

This Mummy pot is for Do-Dudes teacher. She is a breath of fresh air! She always positive, smiling, caring and truly tending with love and compassion to her class-not only that but she is a Mom of 3 at our little Nazi school (well that is what everyone else calls it until their kiddos start going there and then they say, "Why didn't you talk some sense into me and make me see the light--I SO WISH (with great enthusiasm and sorrow) I would of done this SOONER!) Don't worry, it is okay if you think my school and my kiddos is a Nazi school-I will still love ya!

This is everything that I need for my little mummy pot above. The pot is Tara cota-it is just one that I had painted for a spring luncheon for church. I am all about things having more than one purpose--usually! So this is what is needed, a tara cota pot, ribbon of your choice, paint (I used lime green and white) Lime is for the pot and the white is for the dot in the eyes, Hot glue & gun, Cellophane, Muslim, scissors, and a sponge brush. OH-I put blush on him to make him a blushing Mummy. It is this easy folks-just glue and lay, glue & lay

This is for Blue Boys Teacher. He is in the big K this year at the Nazi school. Let me tell you Blue Boy's teacher is another one who just rocks! He is (yes I said He) AWESOME! Love my kiddos teachers! I didn't know if he would really like the mummy pot so instead I got a small pumpkin and put vinyl lettering on it and added school ribbon & red ribbon around the stem and tied a little measuring tape and tag that says "Richard C Edgley stated the. . . TRUE MEASURE OF A MAN. . . (backside)" You can describe a man in inches, pounds, complexion, or physique. But the true measure of a man is by character, compassion, integrity, tenderness, and principle. Simply stated, the measures of a man are embedded in his heart and soul!" We hour and thank you for your TRUE MEASURE: YOUR CHARACTER, COMPASSION, INTEGRITY, TENDERNESS, AND PRINCIPLE! --I stole this from a Father's Day gift that RS had given the men at church and since Mr Batman is a new member I thought this would totally fit better than a Mummy.

I just copied it.

Just thought I would share! I am just in a blogging mood! Have an awesome day!

It is Craft Night!

These are kinda out of order-sorry! The Running Queen getting started.

One of the two the other one just hot glue popcorn-air popped type-on a straw wreath (leave plastic on) Add your leaves and ribbon and whatever else fills your hearts desire
Okay for all those that didn't make to my casa last night you missed out on some cute wreath action going on! The Running Queen and I made these for our girls that we visit teach for November! They turned out so cute and we had a great time! Hope all of you that we missed last night are feeling better and that your loved ones are feeling better! Anyone who would like to gather to do this again let me know! You won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Digi scrappin' YEAH!

Well-look how sweet my cousin's little girls feet are- I learned all this from Jessica!

My second set of classes of Jessica Sprague! I am totally loving this! She is amazing! Look at what I did in her Now We Are Rockin' class!

Monday, October 22, 2007

I want my MUMMY

I made this little treat for one of the sweet ladies that are on my list to visit each month. Our families go way back and she was my mother-in-laws spy when it came to church. She would let it be known if the boys snuck out or not. So I made this for her for her birthday. That sounded kinda weird-sorry. This is so simple. It is a mummy pot. I took a small tara cota pot and hot glued ripped muslin onto it. Before I finished I made a nose out of extra muslin and put it under the top pieces so it looked like a nose. Then, I took lime green paint and sponge it all over and took wood footballs and painted them black and then put a little white dot on it so it looked like eyes. I filled the pot with some good candy. Then I put cellophane over it and tied it with a couple different types ribbon. At here ya go, a cute little mummy!

Blue Boy is a year older!

I now have a six year old! Every year for my kids birthday it is a tradition that they wake up with balloons over their bed and on their ceiling. This is what was left by the time I got in there with my camera. They always love it! Just one neat way of starting their day off special! I love ya Blue Boy! Love your Momma

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I have been tagged! My Madre tagged me so here are some things that you get to learn about me, even if you really didn't want to! SORRY . . . blame it on my Madre ( since taking Spanish in high school, I often call that gingerbreadaholic woman Madre!) Buckle your safety belts, it's a bumpy ride! Some names that I have gone by--that are speakable! -Jones -Skinny Ba link and the Grave Yard Dancers (Do you really want to know?) -Bran flakes (There are only a few out there that have earned the right to call me this-- YES, New BIL you are one of them. You drank the left over juices of canned Italian chicken with all the yuck floating around in it. So to those of you who want to be one of the few on the list, believe me when I say you should probably just forget it--enough said!) Things that I am wearing right now: OH this is SO BAD! I did have to respond truthfully to this, again Sorry! Flannel yellow pj's with star's all over them, a light green tee & to top the outfit off Red ankle socks! I know these really make Hubby's mind race! Two of my favorite things to do: 1-Spend time with my family!!! 2-Cook!!! (Not so much with the clean up though!) Things I want very badly: 1. More time with my family 2. A clean house (Is this okay to put here?) OR A farm with lots of land and open spaces for a huge garden, and our cows, and kids & hubby & myself of course! Two of my favorite pets ever: 1-Butchie (My beloved Queensland that knew what I needed and wanted before I could think it up in my own head! Love ya old guy! I hope to play B-Ball with you again some day!) 2-My horse named Ellie (She rocked!) My People that I am tagging: 1-Miss Tori 2-Miss Jacey---Yes both of you girls! Hurry up get on it! Two things that I did last night Went bowling with my family and Putt & New BIL Watched Transformers with my family Two things that I have ate today: My Madre's tacos My Hubby's Pancakes People I have talked to today: Hubby Madre Papa Putt New Bil Kiddos Red Ranger Sunshine--just a few of the of the many--my ward family rocks too! 2 things I need to do tomorrow: Fold laundry Visit teach 2 Longest car rides: 1-This one I think will never, NEVER, be replaced with anything else--On the way up to pine top-show low area to a friends cabin with my family,little bro who had the worst case of gas that anyone has ever concocted in the toxic lab! It was so, so bad that my Dad made my bro stick his bum out the window of the truck every time my brother felt even the littlest urge to stink it up! Now my Dad is the safety guru and would of been so against this if it wasn't as bad as it was!Yuck! Yuck! YUCK!!!!!!!! 2. The ride from Arizona to Montana - I had TB (tired bottom) about 3/4 of this trip-stinks! Two favorite holidays: Christmas Easter Two favorite vacations: Sheep's Crossing Mail boat rides 2 vacation dreams Italy Sheep's crossing 2 favorite beverages water with lemon (I know that this means my creative juices are extreme) Strawberry Cream Pie Shake from Sonic-to die for

Friday, October 12, 2007


I was babysitting my dear friend, Wonder woman, kiddos today and realized how big Uperman has gotten. Wonder Woman's youngest just turned a year and is one of the cutest little happy go-lucky guys ever! Her three youngest hung out with Uperman and me and we had the greatest time! We ate granola bars, watched a movie, learned all about Little Britches being a cowboy even though he doesn't have his cowboy hat on, we played bikes, laughed at the dog on the trampoline, we even broke out with MEGA chalk and colored awesome pics on the side walk and for the heck of it we even chalked up our noses! I could just eat up little kids! They are the most yummiest things that rule our lives!

Monday, October 1, 2007


Here are some fun pics I know this is kinda an old pic but, I have tons of cute pics of Do-Dudes but, I left my camera at my Mom's!

Uperman contemplating life!
This is what happens when you step out of the car and the carpool gang gets ahold of your camera--cute boys, very cute, I am going to save this picture and the others and show them off to your girlfriends WHEN you are in high school-no girls until then-got it!!!!
Salsa smelling the flowers at the Salt Lake Temple in Utah
Hubby and BIN with the boys
Uperman and Hubby--Uperman is pouting about something Here are some pics that I had fun with! Blue Boy staring his man down--tough guy
Uperman hiding in what was once a towel