Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Swim Meet @ the Y

The my kids love swim! They love how the older kiddos hang out with them and teach them or help them. They love it when they joke around and play games with them. Here is a pic of some of my kids idols-the brothers aren't in it-Upermans fav, but, these green hair fish are! Thanks guys! The girls will be on the next post. Blue Boy and Do-Dude love the meets! I on the other hand have my newest addition with me -my camera- and am taking pics like crazy. You know when you are on over load when you are taking pics of everyone's kids that you know. But, lets just say when we are hanging with our great friends-Parents of the fab four-and others around us having a good time what could be better? Blue Boy is posing for the camera here. He thinks he is hot stuff! With his cute little freckles and brown body he thinks that all he has to do is smile and I will take his pic. I did this time. And . . . a couple of hundred times as well. Do-Dude doing his best in the water. He is not a contact sporter unless it involves Blue Boy or Dad. And anyone else that he feels comfy with enough to wrestle around. He is my Non-rule breaking kid for the most part. I think some of that comes from his Mother-whoever that lady is! Go Do-Dudee, Go! Doing the back stroke-Not one of his favs, but, Do-Dude is doing good!I am still trying to figure this kiddo out. I got him goggles, they break, we get another pair. Now he is swimming with his eyes closed because he doesn't want to wear his goggles. So we are now swimming with our eyes shut. This is his fav stroke! He could back stroke all day!


Okay this is a little scary! We went and played shuffle board with my sis & bil and then decided since the kids were asleep at Nanie & Boppa's that we would go and check out the fire that was caused from what I have been told from a lightening strike our in the river bottom in Tolleson. I was sticking my head out the window of the car taking pics and Hubby started to slow way down. I told him not to get us into trouble that taking a pic isn't worth getting a ticket over---okay sometimes it is. So he told me if he did get into trouble so would all these other hundred people. I looked away from my camera and couldn't believe how many cars, trucks, motorcycles, and just tons of people standing on the bridge with us to catch a glimpse of this fire. We could see the smoke from my parents house but, these are kinda scary. It jumped from like a few miles away to right up and front of us. Real fast, real scary! Take a look--all of you are pros with the camera I want to tell you that I just got this thing and don't know what I am really doing yet! Hubby had to help me-yikes!

With in just a couple of minutes it was at the waters edge. Of course it didn't help that the wind picked up and started scattering embers onto the bridge where we were.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our Missionary

Our missionary is off! Hubby's baby brother had his farewell today. We are so going to miss Uncle Missionary with the crazy spiky hair (Uperman's words). It won't be the same without him around for two years. He will be in Seattle where his Momma grew up. Kinda cool that he will be serving there. His bestest buddy is also in that area already out on his Mission. What a cool opportunity for my boys to see their Uncle off! We are going to miss you Uncle Missionary!

Well, I had a nice picture with us and our missionary but, in the frantic typing of my fingers I don't know what I did but, it is no longer. Sad it was cute-- I just don't know what I was laughing so hard about in it though. So instead of that cute family pic here is one of Hubby, Grandpa Govvey, and Uncle Missionary. Don't ask me what Grandpa is doing or who he is here. Never know what that man is up to! He is always making us giggle, especially here with his cool wig and shades. Uncle Missionary is trying to feed him part of his sandwich. Crazy guys!

This is my cute little sis-in-law and her new hubby. Aren't they adorable? Auntie A is so sweet and so is Uncle J. We love them. Especially Uperman since Uncle J played with him all day. What a great couple!

Here is our missionary with all the girls. Now this is not all the girls that came and said good bye to this sweet, funny and let me tell you Very talented guy! He is amazing on the piano and drums. Has his own band-even though it will be on hold for two years. We are already missing him even though we don't see them all the time. Still it is that crazy thing that pulls at your strings-You know-You want what you can't have. We want to visit him again but, he will be in Utah at the MTC. Good luck guy and we will be rooting for ya! We will miss your crazy, spiky hair too!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Guess . . .

I guess it takes a heat advisory and then being out in the heat all day for me to finally update it. Thank you guys for being such good friends that you still check up on me! It is really neat to see that even though I haven't posted since I don't know when right off the top of my head you guys still keep silently hoping that I got off my lazy behind and filled ya in on my super overload unstable life at this point in time. Ever feel like you try to just be a fun cool mom and keep everyone in line. You know what I am talking about! I am picturing all my kiddos and a friend-Puppy Love over swimming, laughing, the sun is gently kissing our skin. The cool, clear pool water is taking the slight heat out of the day. AHHHH! Sounds great right? Okay so what is this all about?
This is Blue Boy throwing a tantrum because he was WAY OUT OF CONTROL during lunch! It has to do with having a friend over. He was acting up so bad that another parent in the lunchroom came up to me and gave me some discipline advise. YIKES! I did need the peep talk but, was so embarrassed!
Here are some pics of those crazy kids of mine and Puppy Love. He is holding some of our Queensland Puppies! They are so cute! But since it is 113 outside I will be posting a whole puppy crazy post here next! I hope all is well with my