Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fly like the wind!

My Uncle D had his friend take us on a helicopter ride! We had so much fun! It was a little scary at first since the wind was blowing like crazy. It did feel like you were in a bubble and it was trying it's best not to pop! Here is Kermy in the copter landing. Mr. J was our pilot. This is want the layout of my Uncle D and Kermy's land looks like. Our house is almost in the middle of the picture. Crazy landing in the wind. Hubby and I got to go at the same time. I didn't get any headphones so I couldn't hear Hubby ask him how many times Mr J has crashed or things of that nature, which I am thankful for! It was super fun--Thank you Uncle D!

What! It's snowing?!

My internet is tricky up here. I tried to get this posted sooner but, here I am. Okay, up here in Chino you never can be sure what Mr. Jack Frost is thinking. It was warming up so, I didn't think about trying to find our jackets since it was warming up-does that make sense? Well it started to snow on Sunday and Monday morning this is what we saw when we looked out our windows. It was so pretty-everything was white and clean! This is looking out my kitchen window and the dining room doors. The horses enjoying their breakfast. This is looking out our front window. My cousins house and neighbors. Uperman the night before snagged some snow and put it in a cup and was enjoying Spiderman while he ate his snow. The kids thought this was the best even though it was chilly outside. We skipped out on school that morning to enjoy the snow. By early afternoon on Monday it was all gone. Just mud remained. The kids were sad!