Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Old Glory

Thankfulness-to live in the United States of America! To be spoiled and have luxuries at our fingertips. As I was leaving Utah I just felt this overwhelming sensation of how blessed I am. This past weekend I stayed in a warm cozy, comfy bed at a hotel, had a free breakfast, was able to rent a car so my family and I could drive around in comfort, was able to stop and eat anytime and almost anywhere we wanted, and to go to church and practice our beliefs all along the way. We never ran out of water, electric, gas, or food. We were safe and felt safe everywhere we went and didn't have to worry about risking our lives. Can you imagine? Can you see yourself or your family in a 3rd world country? That would be the biggest nightmare! So you see I am thankful to be an American! To have the choices that I do. To run and play with my children and Hubby and to see them laugh and grow along the way! We have so many convinces right at our fingertips. I am thankful to live in the United States and for the Men and Women that risk their lives to keep us safe-Thanks!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Family-isn't that what it is all about?! We are enjoy some of the family that used to be attached to us by our hip and now they are off and running without us! We surely miss them and at the same time miss the family we have back home. We came for Skinny's baptism and are loving it! Check out some of the pics that we took--just wait and I will post some funny ones next. But first I need to eat some lunch! Uperman, 10 kids in 1, and Blue Boy playing in the gym after Skinny's Baptism Hubby dumped me off the swing and fell off of it himself--serves him right! Skinny & Do-Dude hanging out Skinny Ba-link & Nana at Skinny's Baptism SIL, soon-to-be & me smiling for the pic!

We are in away right now hanging out with the Hubby's brother, Old BIL and my SIL plus the kiddos. We are having so much fun--right now it is raining--let me explain it seems to be this wet stuff that falls from the Heavens and cleans the air and makes everything shiny & new looking! That would only go over with the folks back home since it seems that it NEVER rains!

Friday, November 9, 2007


Thankful-that is what I am! I am thankful for friends! Not only my own but, my kiddos also! Now I would love to put all of you on this posting but, that just would not due because you guys Rock! But here is some sweet shots that I took of Uperman and his little buddy Mini-Me! How can you not deny the satisfaction that one gets when all you have to do is tickle them and then realize that this would be a great shot. So I told them not to move and grabbed my camera and all they did was have to act natural-So sweet to be by the side of a friend! Then, they jumped up and were running around like on some sugar high--which made me wonder since Mr Uof A was over with Hubby helping watch the kiddos and New BIL was here as well, taking notes on what to do when kids bless his life so me, Artsy Fartsy and Cutie Pie could attend our little meeting that was meant for girls only! I do have to confess that when I was coming up the walk, returning from our short but needed girls meeting I saw my oldest son run for the hallway. I walked through the door and asked my dear sweet Hubby if the boys (meaning Blue Boy and Do-Dude) were in bed and not playing guitar hero III. He smiled so sweetly that was totally distracting and said yes with a smile of pleasure knowing that I wouldn't be upset because he put them to bed in time---(In time for me not to see them running around the corner and act like they have been in bed for an hour). Yes--Moms do have eyes in the back of their heads and x-ray vision! I checked on the boys and they smiled that smile they do when they have been caught! Yes--I am one of those Mom's that have that special vision! Could you ever get enough of seeing joy in your kiddos faces when they are having a blast with their friends! I just love it! They look so yummy that you want to eat them up--every last bit! Friends--couldn't live without them! Hope all of you are doing wonderful today--my friends!

Journal's Are Important!

Okay, I always have such good intentions of keeping a journal and documenting everything that goes on in a house full of boys-4 that is, only one is over the age of 30. You catch my drift. We have such a wonderful time being together I just can't imagine life without it! I want to make sure my kids remember fond memories of the fun things that take place among us--not just having to clean their room, make their bed, empty all the garbage cans, doing their own laundry, cleaning their toilet-and so on. As I went to my enrichment meeting last night with my sis, Artsy Fartsy-(which she wants me to rename her some crazy name-who wouldn't like the name I gave her?! ) ( OH ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE TERRIBLE SENTENCES--SORRY FOR ALL OF THOSE THAT JUST GRINDED THEIR TEETH! -) The Sisters and I talked about blogging! I never thought of it as a journal. All the neat ideas of printing the posts off and booking them and keep that as your journal just blew my mind! I am telling ya that these ladies are so amazing!!! So I am challenging all of you bloggers out their to post something in their blogging journal about being thankful at least every day or every other day. I am jumping up and raising my hand with you gals so be expecting a little traffic because I am going to be checking on all of you--you know who you are! If you are experiencing any trouble go to the library on LDS.org and look up "Journals Are Important!" Friend, Jan 1987. There are 710 ideas to write about in your journal! How fun is that?! Come on I know you want to take the challenge! Go For It!