Monday, June 15, 2009

Handsome Little Men!

I promised that I would try to get just a few pics on here tonight! So after I put my boys and my nephew to bed I ran upstairs to get a few of these together. These little men are so handsome! Take a sneak peak! Enjoy-

"Mr. C" just relaxing!
Little "Mr. T." scanning the view
There are so many cute pics! I hope you enjoyed just this small little peak!


*Lindsey* said...

YAY! Im so excited Brandy! I couldnt sleep last night! I even got on early this morning to see if there were some there. I love these pictures! Thank you so much.

p.s.-here is our family blog

Apryl said...

Hey Brandi! Remember me? Continental design center 2000? stalking...found your blog thru the Joyners. Your family is adorable...the boys are alll sooooooooo handsome! And you and Bo look great (as always)! Just wanted to say "hi"!

Jill said...

LOVE ALL YOUR PIX! You are so incredibly talented. I loved looking at all your recent posts. I especially love miss Ava (duh) she looks adorable:) are awesome.